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About Us

Sew More Couture is owned and operated by Mrs. Vongie Jenkins.  I have been sewing ever since I got my first sewing machine as a gift back when I was 14.  As a teenager, I sewed all of my clothes through high-school and performed alterations in the neighborhood for extra cash.  I had always had the urge and desire to try and learn new skills pertaining to sewing.  Now I am bringing my love for sewing and teaching to the community.

As my desire to learn all that I possibly can about my profession.  I have had the pleasure of taking lessons from some very talented professionals across the U.S. They have worked with me, shared ideas and techniques, and nurtured me along the way to becoming the best that I can be.   

I take pride in designing and constructing clothing that meets the Standards of Quality for Custom Clothing. These standards encompass the major areas of expertise a professional custom clothier must practice consistently to produce quality garments, including visual design, sewing technique, and proper fit.

I want to say a special thank you to Mr. Julian Bryant, President of Barbee Fabrics of Danville, Inc. 

“We truly understand how important it is to look and feel good about ourselves and one of the ways we do this is through our appearance.”​

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