Gift Vouchers for Classes at Sew More Couture


Give the Gift of Sewing.


Why not give them something that won’t end up in a closet, or tucked away in a drawer. Something that they don’t already have one, two or three of.   It is inspiring, it is thoughtful, and it takes up no space.  Be unpredictable, unexpected,  knock their socks off!


The Gift of Sewing will give your special someone the opportunity to enjoy a class where they will create, rejuvenate, and practice self-expression.


You’ll also be giving your friend or family member a gift that keeps on giving. The process of handling, creating and shaping fabric offers therapeutic benefits like releasing daily stress or mental relaxation. Classes also promote the development of new friendships with fellow students - that often last a lifetime.


So do something wonderful for that special person and give them The Gift of Sewing.  The Vouchers are good for one year for the class that you purchase.  So that special person can take that class anytime during the year.


If you have any questions or need assistance, call us at (410) 684-5456 or email us at